What is adamic language?

Adamic Language

The Adamic language is, according to Jews (as recorded in the midrashim) and some Christians, the language spoken by Adam (and possibly Eve) in the Garden of Eden. It is variously interpreted as either the language used by God to address Adam (the divine language), or the language invented by Adam with which he named all things (including Eve), as in Genesis 2:19.

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Adamic Language - Modern - Latter-day Saints Movement
... and published by the RLDS under that title), declared the Adamic language to have been "pure and undefiled" ... Latter-day Saints (LDS or Mormons) believe it to be the language of God ... Ann Whitney claimed to have received several words in the Adamic language in revelations ...
Confusion Of Tongues - Subsequent Interpretation
... During the Middle Ages, the Hebrew language was widely considered the language used by God to address Adam in Paradise, and by Adam as lawgiver (the Adamic language) by various Jewish, Christian, and Muslim ... Dante in the Divina commedia implies however that the language of Paradise was different from later Hebrew by saying that Adam addressed God as I rather than El ... Preceding the acceptance of the Indo-European language family, these languages were considered to be "Japhetite" by some authors (e.g ...

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