What are words?

  • (noun): Language that is spoken or written.
    Example: "He has a gift for words"; "she put her thoughts into words"
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... Metaphone is a phonetic algorithm, published by Lawrence Philips in 1990, for indexing words by their English pronunciation ... a more accurate encoding, which does a better job of matching words and names which sound similar ... As with Soundex, similar sounding words should share the same keys ...
Sinhalese People - Culture - Literature
... The Sinhala language was mainly inspired by Sanskrit and Pali, and many words of the Sinhala language derive from these languages ... Today some English words too have come in as a result of the British occupation during colonial times, and the exposure to foreign cultures through television and ... Additionally many Dutch and Portuguese words can be seen in the coastal areas ...
Application of Mnemonics - For Foreign-language Acquisition
... foreign languages, for example by transposing difficult foreign words with words in a language the learner knows already ... A useful such technique is to find linkwords, words that have the same pronunciation in a known language as the target word, and associate them visually or auditorially with the ... to assist the learner to remember ohel, the Hebrew word for tent, the memorable sentence "Oh hell, there's a raccoon in my tent" can be used ...
Fran├žois Rabelais - Use of Language
... that they learn? Is there some sort of connection between words and the objects they refer to, or are words purely arbitrary? Rabelais deals with these matters ... one that reflects the origin of words, and was thus opposed to those who favoured a simplified spelling, one that reflects the pronunciation of words ... He introduced dozens of Greek, Latin, and Italian loan-words and direct translations of Greek and Latin compound words and idioms into French ...
Figure Of Speech - Categories of Figures of Speech - Tropes
... speaker antanaclasis A form of pun in which a word is repeated in two different senses anthimeria Substitution of one part of speech for another, often ... of hyperbole, in which a more important sounding word is used in place of a more descriptive term catachresis Mixed metaphor (sometimes used by design and sometimes a rhetorical fault) circumlocution "Tal ... to make a point more forcibly epanodos Repetition in a sentence with a reversal of words ...

More definitions of "words":

  • (noun): The words that are spoken.
    Example: "I listened to his words very closely"
  • (noun): The text of a popular song or musical-comedy number.
    Example: "He wrote both words and music"
    Synonyms: lyric, language

Famous quotes containing the word words:

    A politician’s words reveal less about what he thinks about his subject than what he thinks about his audience.
    George F. Will (b. 1941)

    Pitiless verse? A few words tuned
    And tuned and tuned and tuned.
    It is good.
    Wallace Stevens (1879–1955)

    When Western people train the mind, the focus is generally on the left hemisphere of the cortex, which is the portion of the brain that is concerned with words and numbers. We enhance the logical, bounded, linear functions of the mind. In the East, exercises of this sort are for the purpose of getting in tune with the unconscious—to get rid of boundaries, not to create them.
    Edward T. Hall (b. 1914)