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Côtes Du Rhône AOC - Grape Varieties
... The allowed grape varieties, by colour of the wine, are indicated below ... are incated by "M", supplementary varieties (not designated for white wines) by "S", and accessory varieties by "(A)" ... Variety Red and rosé wines White wines Bourboulenc (A) M Brun Argenté (locally called Camarèse or Vaccarèse) (A) Carignan (A) Cinsaut (A) Clairette Blanche (A) M Clairette Rose (A) Counoise (A ...
Phenolic Content In Wine - Origin of The Phenolic Compounds
... The proportion of the different phenols in any one wine will therefore vary according to the type of vinification ... Red wine will be richer in phenols abundant in the skin and seeds, such as anthocyanin, proanthocyanidins and flavonols, whereas the phenols in white wine will ... Red wines will also have the phenols found in white wines ...
Alsace Wine
... Alsace wine or Alsatian wine (in French Vin d'Alsace) is produced in the Alsace region in France and is primarily white ... These wines, which for historical reasons have a strong Germanic influence, are produced under three different Appellations d'Origine Contrôlées (AOCs) Alsace AOC for white, ros ... Both dry and sweet white wines are produced, and are often made from aromatic grapes varieties ...
Purcari (winery) - History
... exhibition held in Bessarabia, Purcari wines showed fine expression, and tasters were impressed by its delicate bouquet and dense, full taste ... Thus, this wine, Negru de Purcari, was awarded its first gold medal ... Then in 1878 the Purcari winemakers brought their wines to the Paris World Exhibition ...
Coates Law Of Maturity - Aging Potential
... One authority believes that only a few wines have the ability to significantly improve with age Master of Wine Jancis Robinson notes that only around the top 10% of all red wine ... Robinson estimates, only the top 1% of all wine has the ability to improve significantly after more than a decade ... It is her belief that more wine is consumed too old, rather than too young, and that the great majority of wines start to lose appeal and fruitiness after 6 months in the bottle ...

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    They can do without architecture who have no olives nor wines in the cellar.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    The man whose heart is as warm as a hanky soaked in ethyl chloride.
    —Edmund White (b. 1940)