What are wheels?

  • (noun): Forces that provide energy and direction.
    Example: "The wheels of government began to turn"


Wheels is the plural of wheel.

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Some articles on wheels:

Steel Wheels - Release and Reception
... Rolling Stone The massive, worldwide Steel Wheels Tour was launched in late August 1989, concurrently with Steel Wheels' arrival and the release of lead single "Mixed Emotions", a ... Critical reaction was warm, with Steel Wheels reaching #2 in the UK and #3 in the US where it went double-platinum ... The mammoth Steel Wheels Tour, which finished in mid-1990 after being re-titled the Urban Jungle Tour, was an enormous financial success ...
Wheels (TV Series)
... Wheels is a popular weekly car and motorbike program on BBC World News India ... Wheels holds an annual "Wheels Awards", with a "Wheels Viewers Choice Award" for both cars and bikes, and a "Wheels Car of the Year", "Wheels Bike of the Year" and ...
Gravity Racer - Physics Considerations
... effects of various forms of drag and also the moment of inertia of the wheels, and also of course by the skill of the driver in choosing optimal lines ... The latter can be minimised by careful attention to the wheel bearings, tyre sizes and pressures, and brakes (to avoid parasitic brake drag) ... Larger wheels have lower rolling resistance than small ones, and rolling resistance is also proportional to overall weight ...
Frank Nasworthy
... is recognized as having introduced polyurethane wheel technology to skateboarding in the early 1970s ... The factory had experimented with a polyurethane roller-skate wheel that was sold to Roller Sports Inc ... which supplied wheels for rental skates at roller rinks ...
Gravity Racer - Construction
... racer cart is usually made of steel, and has 4 wheels, arranged as a fixed rear axle, and a steerable front beam axle - usually with a very simple single central pivot ... The types of wheels employed vary according to what can be obtained easily - wheels from baby carriages, pushchairs, prams, and discarded bicycles being common ... Ready-made wheels are also available from hardware suppliers ...

Famous quotes containing the word wheels:

    You utilitarians, you too love everything useful only as a vehicle of your inclinations—you too really find the noise of its wheels intolerable?
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

    To see distinctly the machinery—the wheels and pinions—of any work of Art is, unquestionably, of itself, a pleasure, but one which we are able to enjoy only just in proportion as we do not enjoy the legitimate effect designed by the artist.
    Edgar Allan Poe (1809–1849)

    no little brass rollers
    and small easy wheels on the bottom—
    my townspeople what are you thinking of!
    A rough plain hearse then
    with gilt wheels and no top at all.
    William Carlos Williams (1883–1963)