What are signatures?

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LAV-600 - Features
... such as minimization of infrared signatures, acoustic signatures and seismic signatures ...
Special Member Functions - Signatures
... Here are the correct signatures of each special member function class MyClass { MyClass // Default ctor MyClass(int a_param) // Ctor MyClass(const MyClass other) // Copy ctor MyClass(MyClass other) // Move ...
Softpro - Company History
... Visual comparison of signatures supported by PCs was started in 1987, triggered by growing demand from major financial institutions ... Shortly afterwards the development of automatic signature verification started along with IBM's labs in nearby Schönaich and APP Informatik Davos from Switzerland ... Intellectual property rights for the automatic signature verification were acquired from IBM in 1998 ...
Committee For Sensible Marijuana Policy - Efforts To Enact
... The committee collected over 100,000 signatures in the first stage of getting the measure enacted ... On May 7, the committee began the second stage of the signature drive, which required another 11,099 valid signatures from residents of the commonwealth ...
Latvian Constitutional Referendum, 2008 - Background - Procedure For Calling A Referendum
... The first stage involves the collection of 10,000 signatures certified by notaries, which are then presented to the Latvian Central Election Commission (CEC) ... Following positive verification of these signatures, the Latvian Government must then provide facilities for signature gathering in every town and village ... Again, the signatures are verified by the CEC ...

Famous quotes containing the word signatures:

    I am not a very sentimental man; and the best sentiment I can think of is, that if you collect the signatures of all persons who are no less distinguished than I, you will have a very undistinguishing mass of names.
    Abraham Lincoln (1809–1865)

    So many signatures for such a small heart.
    Mother Teresa (b. 1910)