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1982 Australian Formula 2 Championship - Results
... - 1 ... - - 10 ... Brian Sampson Cheetah Mk6 Toyota - 3 - - - 13 ... Ian Richards 11 Richards 201 Volkswagen Ian Richards - - - - 1. ...
Hal Woodeshick - Playing Career - Houston Colt .45s/Astros
... General manager Paul Richards, who had previously managed the Baltimore Orioles, was impressed with several of his qualities such as his six-foot-four-inch (1.93 meters) height, work ethic and an ability to throw ... one was Woodeshick having his best performances against Richards' old ballclub ... his first Colt.45s spring training working with Richards and pitching coach Cot Deal to correct his inability to make accurate throws to the first baseman after cleanly fielding ground balls ...
A Raisin In The Sun - Production and Reception
... as well as the first play with a black director (Lloyd Richards) on Broadway ... life to the overwhelmingly white Broadway audiences, while director Richards observed that it was the first play to which large numbers of blacks were drawn ... in Play - Sidney Poitier Best Actress in a Play - Claudia McNeil Best Direction of a Play - Lloyd Richards ...
Winter (The Rolling Stones Song)
... Credited to singer Mick Jagger and guitarist Keith Richards, "Winter" is likely the work of Jagger and the Stones' lead guitarist at the time, Mick Taylor ... recorded for the album and does not feature Richards at all ... considerable contribution to the song, Taylor never received official credit from Jagger or Richards ...
Dakota Blue Richards - Career - Other Roles
... Before The Golden Compass was released, Richards had already been cast as the lead in another film, The Secret of Moonacre, her second book-to-film adaption ... In December 2008, Richards played April Johnson in Dustbin Baby, the BBC dramatisation of the Jacqueline Wilson novel of the same name ... you don't like but on the other, she has had such a hard life." Richards has also been announced as appearing in a psychological thriller, Lovely to the Last and also in a film called Rain ...

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    After school days are over, the girls ... find no natural connection between their school life and the new one on which they enter, and are apt to be aimless, if not listless, needing external stimulus, and finding it only prepared for them, it may be, in some form of social excitement. ...girls after leaving school need intellectual interests, well regulated and not encroaching on home duties.
    —Ellen Henrietta Swallow Richards (1842–1911)

    A political place with no power, only influence, is not to my taste.
    —Ellen Henrietta Swallow Richards (1842–1911)

    It is the women of Europe who pay the price while war rages, and it will be the women who will pay again when war has run its bloody course and Europe sinks down into the slough of poverty like a harried beast too spent to wage the fight. It will be the sonless mothers who will bend their shoulders to the plough and wield in age-palsied hands the reaphook.
    —Kate Richards O’Hare (1877–1948)