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Shortwave Relay Station
... Shortwave relay stations are transmitter sites used by international broadcasters to extend their coverage to areas that cannot be reached easily from their home state, for ... These days the programs are fed to the relay sites by satellite, cable/optical fiber or the Internet ... Some regional relays even operate in the medium wave or FM bands ...
BBC Regional Programme - Original Local Stations - Relay Stations
... Each of these stations broadcast at approximately 120 W Airdate Station ID City Relay of Frequency 1 May 1924 2EH Edinburgh 5SC 914 kHz 11 June 1924 6LV ...
List Of Countries By Number Of Television Broadcast Stations
... This is a list of countries by number of television broadcast stations mostly based on The World Factbook accessed in June 2008 ... Rank Country/Region Number of television broadcast stations Note Date of Information 1 Russia 7,306 2 ... China 3,240 of which 209 are operated by China Central Television, 31 are provincial TV stations, and nearly 3,00. 17 Spain 224 plus 2,105 repeaters includes 11 television broadcast stations and 88 repeaters in the Canary Islands 18 ... Japan 211 plus 7,341 ...

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