What are Philippine Islands?

  • (noun): An archipelago in the southwestern Pacific including some 7000 islands.
    Synonyms: Philippines

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List Of Medal Of Honor Recipients For World War II - S
... Salomon † Army O-03 !Captain Saipan, Marianas Islands 01944-07-07July 7, 1944 — Sarnoski, Joseph R.Joseph R ... Sarnoski † Army Air Forces O-01 !Second Lieutenant over Buka area, Solomon Islands 01943-07-16June 16, 1943 — Sayers, Foster J.Foster J ... Schonland Navy Commander Savo Island 01942-12-12November 12, 1942 – 01942-12-13November 13, 1942 Took command of USS San Francisco after captain had been ...
Service Summary Of Douglas Mac Arthur - Summary of Service - World War II
... December 1941 Japanese invade the Philippines ... February–March 1942 Roosevelt orders MacArthur to leave the Philippines and base in himself in Australia on March 20, in Terowie, South Australia, MacArthur promises, "I came out of. 1944 U.S forces land at Leyte and begins reconquest of Philippines ...
List Of United States Presidents On Currency - Philippine Islands, Commonwealth of The Philippines, Republic of The Philippines - George Washington
... Certificate 10 Peso Series of 1916 and 1921 Philippine National Bank Circulating Note 5 Peso Series of 1937 Philippine National Bank Circulating Note (with Commonwealth Seal in red) 10 Peso ...
List Of Medal Of Honor Recipients For World War II - V
... Van Voorhis † Navy Lieutenant Commander Greenwich Island, battle of the Solomon Islands 01943-07-06July 6, 1943 Vance, Jr ... Vandegrift Marine Corps Major General Battle of Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands 01942-08-07August 7, 1942 – 01942-12-09December 9, 1942 Later became the 18th ... Viale † Army O-01 !Second Lieutenant Manila, Luzon, Philippine Islands 01945-03-05February 5, 1945 Villegas, Ysmael R.Ysmael R ...
USS Rainbow (AS-7) - Service History - Submarine Tender, 1918–1925
... On 2 April 1918 Rainbow departed Mare Island to tend submarines L-6 (SS-45) and L-7 (SS-46) at Yerba Buena Island, California City, and San Pedro, California ... October 1918, then tended the O-boats of Submarine Division 10 at Newport, Rhode Island Bridgeport, Connecticut and Tompkinsville, New York ... Thomas, Virgin Islands, where the O-boats carried out daily practice on the target range until 16 April ...

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    What are the islands to me
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    Hilda Doolittle (1886–1961)