What are orchis?

  • (noun): One of the two male reproductive glands that produce spermatozoa and secrete androgens.
    Synonyms: testis, testicle, ball, ballock, bollock, nut, egg
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Orchis is a genus in the orchid family (Orchidaceae). This genus gets its name from the Ancient Greek ὄρχις orchis, meaning "testicle", from the appearance of the paired subterranean tuberoids.

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HMS Orchis (K76) - English Channel
... Orchis was then assigned to patrol the English Channel, and sank German submarine U-741 on 15 August 1944 ... U-741 torpedoed LST-404 of convoy FTM-69 while Orchis was escorting nearby convoy FTC-68 ... Orchis gained and held SONAR contact on U-741 and flooded the forward part of the U-boat with two Hedgehog attacks and two Depth charge attacks ...
Galearis Spectabilis
... Galearis spectabilis (Gay orchis, Purple orchis, Purple-hooded orchis, and Showy orchis syn ... Orchis spectabilis L.) is a orchid species of the Orchis genus ...
Orchis - Intergeneric Hybrids
... Orchiophrys (Ophrys x Orchis) Orchiserapias (Orchis x Serapias). ...
... They are closely related to the genus Orchis to which, in the past, they were thought to belong ... The genus is distinguished from Orchis by having in the column two bursicles (pouchlike receptacles) enclosing the pollinia, instead of one ... It shares with Orchis its spherical, ellipsoid or oblong tubers ...
Western Marsh Orchid - Classification
... In 1828 Ludwig Reichenbach described the western marsh orchid as Orchis majalis ... is not valid, the name cannot be used despite its earlier publication in 1794 as Orchis fistulosa ... Synonyms Orchis majalis Rchb ...

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  • (noun): Any of various deciduous terrestrial orchids having fleshy tubers and flowers in erect terminal racemes.