What are mechanics?

  • (noun): The technical aspects of doing something.
    Example: "The mechanics of prose style"
    Synonyms: mechanism
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Mechanics (Greek Μηχανική) is the branch of science concerned with the behavior of physical bodies when subjected to forces or displacements, and the subsequent effects of the bodies on their environment. The discipline has its roots in several ancient civilizations (see History of classical mechanics and Timeline of classical mechanics). During the early modern period, scientists such as Galileo, Kepler, and especially Newton, laid the foundation for what is now known as classical mechanics. It is a branch of classical music that deals with the pricks that are moving either with less velocity or that are at rest. It can also be defined as a branch of science which deals with the motion and force of the particular object. The system of study of mechanics is shown in the table below:

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John W. Hutchinson
... the author of very important and famous works about solid and fracture mechanics, among the others the so called HRR (Hutchinson-Rice-Rosengren) theory of elastic-plastic stress ...
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Invariance Mechanics - Constraints - History
... The history of invariance mechanics is difficult to pinpoint since many people have been working on it without realizing that they were working on invariance mechanics ... Recently Baratin–Freidel (2006) have demonstrated the connection between invariance mechanics and loop quantum gravity ...
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... Applied Mechanics Division, American Society of Mechanical Engineers Fluid Dynamics Division, American Physical Society Institution of Mechanical Engineers is the United Kingdom's qualifying body ... International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics ...

More definitions of "mechanics":

  • (noun): The branch of physics concerned with the motion of bodies in a frame of reference.

Famous quotes containing the word mechanics:

    the moderate Aristotelian city
    Of darning and the Eight-Fifteen, where Euclid’s geometry
    And Newton’s mechanics would account for our experience,
    And the kitchen table exists because I scrub it.
    —W.H. (Wystan Hugh)