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Super-Earths - Definition
... While sources generally agree on an upper bound of 10 Earth masses, (~69% of the mass of Uranus, which is the Solar System gas giant with the least mass), the lower bound varies from 1 or 1.9 ... Planets above 10 Earth masses are termed giant planets ... giant planets may be subdivided into "super-Jupiters" (more than 2-3 Jupiter masses up to brown dwarf mass), "Jupiters" (like Jupiter and Saturn, greater than 30 Earth ...
Surduc - Physical-geographical Data - Climatic Aspects - Climato-genetic Factors
... The territory is affected by different air masses, greater frequency having polar-maritime air masses, in late spring and summer months, Are cold and wet ... in spring and autumn frosts tropical-maritime air masses, that pervade from the south and southwest, determine during the winter mists and heavy snow falls, and in summer determine atmospheric ...
Saint Patrick Catholic Church, Tampa - History of The Church - Masses
... Also, there is a 500 PM Mass on Saturday, and four Masses on Sunday– 730 AM, 900 AM, 1100 AM (Spanish-English Bilingual) and 600 PM (Youth Themed) ...
Lü Ji (composer)
... set out his philosophy about revolutionary music the weapon to win over the emancipation of masses, a kind of means that reflects and shows the feelings, the thoughts and the life of ...
Missa Sine Nomine
... Not all masses based on freely composed material were so named, but many were, particularly from the late 15th century through the 16th century ... Some masses sine nomine, i.e ... Also many canonic masses are literally sine nomine the Missa prolationum of Johannes Ockeghem and the Missa ad fugam of Josquin des Prez are of this type, as is the late Missa sine nomine ...

Famous quotes containing the word masses:

    Hence anyone who seeks for the true cause of miracles, and strives to understand natural phenomena as an intelligent being, and not to gaze at them as a fool, is set down and denounced as a impious heretic by those, whom the masses adore as the interpreters of nature and the gods.
    Baruch (Benedict)

    It was so long since I’d seen masses of young men that I’d forgotten how much pleasanter men of between twenty and thirty were to be around with than older men. It isnt so true of women. When I was in my twenties I thought the grown adults I ran into were a disaster and now I know I was right.
    John Dos Passos (1896–1970)

    A man of thought must feel the thought that is parent of the universe: that the masses of nature do undulate and flow.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)