What are injurious?

  • (adj): Tending to cause great harm.
    Synonyms: evil, harmful
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Matthew Cooke (entomologist) - Works
... Injurious Insects of the Orchard, Vineyard, Field, Garden, Conservatory, Household, Storehouse, Domestic Animals, etc ... extermination Treatise on the Insects Injurious to Fruit and Fruit Trees of the State of California, and Remedies Recommended for Their Extermination ... Insects, Injurious and Beneficial, Their Natural History and Classification For the Use of Fruit Growers, Vine Growers, Farmers, Gardeners and Schools ...
Eleanor Anne Ormerod - Partial List of Publications
... observations of attack of turnip fly in 1881 (1882) Manual of injurious insects with methods of prevention and remedy for their attacks to food crops, forest trees and fruit to which is appended ...
History Of Labour Law In The United Kingdom - Late Nineteenth Century - Health and Safety, Post 1867
... A few specially dangerous or injurious trades brought under regulation in 1864 and 1867 (e.g ... safety (other than fencing of mill gearing and dangerous machinery) (c) detailed regulation of injurious and dangerous process and trades (d) powers of ... than had been attempted in the code of 1878 with certain striking instances of trades injurious to health ...
Captivity (animal) - Behavior of Animals in Captivity
... A type of abnormal behavior shown in captive animals is self-injurious behavior (SIB) ... Self-injurious behavior indicates any activity that involves biting, scratching, hitting, hair plucking, or eye poke that may result in injuring oneself ... Although its reported incidence is low, self-injurious behavior is observed across a range of primate species, especially when they experience social ...
Chronic Inflammation - Outcomes
... by the tissue in which the injury has occurred and the injurious agent that is causing it ... Chronic inflammation In acute inflammation, if the injurious agent persists then chronic inflammation will ensue ... but the toxins they release (including reactive oxygen species) are injurious to the organism's own tissues as well as invading agents ...

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Famous quotes containing the word injurious:

    Bright light is injurious to those who see nothing.
    Aurelius Clemens Prudentius (c. 348–405)

    The American doctrinaire is the converse of the American demagogue, and, in this way, is scarcely less injurious to the public. The first deals in poetry, the last in cant. He is as much a visionary on one side, as the extreme theoretical democrat is a visionary on the other.
    James Fenimore Cooper (1789–1851)

    Nobody is glad in the gladness of another, and our system is one of war, of an injurious superiority. Every child of the Saxon race is educated to wish to be first. It is our system; and a man comes to measure his greatness by the regrets, envies, and hatreds of his competitors.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)