What are epic comics?

Epic Comics

Epic Comics (also known as the Epic Comics Group) was a creator-owned imprint of Marvel Comics started in 1982, lasting through the mid-1990s, and being briefly revived on a small scale in the mid-2000s.

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1991 In Comics - First Issues By Title - Marvel Comics - Limited Series
... Captain Confederacy Release November by Epic Comics ... Car Warriors Release June by Epic Comics ... Samurai Cat Release June by Epic Comics ...
Starstruck (comics) - Publication History - Dark Horse Comics, 1990
... When Dark Horse Comics contacted Kaluta for a job, he thought they were approaching him for continuing Starstruck ... Dark Horse had noted that Epic Comics series which, like Starstruck, had not sold well in the limited release of comic stores were finding their audiences as collected trade collections, such as ... to essentially start over the initial series would actually be the original graphic novel and Epic issues, but with huge expansions of new story and art inside of them, to be followed by all-new material ...
Shadowline (Epic Comics)
... The Shadowline Saga is a comic book imprint from Epic Comics that was published in its original incarnation from 1988 to 1990 ... Marvel's first attempt at creating a mature-themed line of superhero comics ... Further, it was the first line produced by Epic Comics utilizing a pre-conceived shared universe concept ...
Epic Comics - Titles
... Lives Again by Frank Miller ElfQuest - Wendy and Richard Pini Epic Anthology - collected the complete first issues of three different titles that were developed as individual mini-series (Sleepwalker ... mid-series after two issues Lawdog - from the Epic Heavy Hitters line, 1993 ... Some characters in these also received their own titles Airtight Garage - French comic, created by Moebius The Elsewhere Prince - part of the Airtight Garage universe Onyx Overlord - part of the Airtight ...
Starstruck (comics) - Publication History - Epic Comics, 1985
... Marvel's imprint, Epic Comics, was created as an outlet for creator-owned, mature, experimental comics series. 1984), did a cover story on Archie Goodwin and his editing of the new Epic comics titles and Epic Illustrated magazine ... A cover cartoon of Epic characters by Rick Parker included Brucilla the Muscle as well as her Tiger Brigade shark ship oddly, no mention was made of the impending Starstruck Graphic Novel ...

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