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Donnie Davies

Donnie Davies is a fictional character who is featured in a number of websites. Davies describes himself as an Anabaptist youth pastor, "reformed homosexual", and lead singer for the band Evening Service. Davies and the band were unknown until the release of the music video for the anti-homosexuality song "The Bible Says" on the Internet in January 2007. Davies claims affiliation with the organization Love God's Way Ministries, which launched a website around the same time as the release of the video. He is also the founder and spokesman for the C.H.O.P.S. program. The acronym stands for "Changing Homosexuals into Ordinary People". C.H.O.P.S. is promoted through Love God's Way's website.

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Donnie Davies - Controversy
... Much of the initial controversy revolved around whether or not Davies is genuinely promoting an anti-gay agenda, or if this is a viral marketing campaign ... Debate has quickly risen regarding the authenticity of Davies' youth ministry activities, the band Evening Service, and the organization Love God's Way ranging from entertainment publications such as Spin to ... Others considered Davies ministry and the video part of a carefully designed hoax mocking the Christian Conservative community ...
Faggot (slang) - Usage in Popular Culture - Music
... an anti-gay song written and performed by an ex-gay pastor "Donnie Davies", it was accompanied by the realistic Love God's Way website about his "ministry" ... Debate ensued about whether Donnie Davies and the outrageous song, which included a few double-entendres, were for real, and whether the lyrics could ever be ... Donnie Davies was revealed in 2007 to be a character played by actor and entertainer ...

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