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Living Dead Dolls - Handmades - Handmades(1998–2001)
... These customised craft dolls were individually created by Ed Long and/or Damien Glonek ... The original handmade dolls did not have names, but can be identified by their design and costuming ... The following dolls can be linked to dolls which were put into mainstream production Sadie A black-haired female doll dressed in a black dress with a white collar resembling Wednesday Addams ...
Other Official Merchandise - Living Dead Dolls in Wonderland Book (Feb 2010)
... illustrations featuring some of the most popular Living Dead Dolls as Alice characters ... Living Dead Dolls In Wonderland Ex Libris Victus Mortuus Set (2010) Accessories for your LDD In Wonderland book, limited to 666 sets ...
Sonny & Cher Dolls - The Dolls
... to the general public, a preview of Sonny Cher dolls was shown in the Mego catalog of the 1976 ... The dolls had different features from the final versions Sonny's face was serious, and the arms of Cher were bent at right angles ... The final version of the Sonny doll version was given a smile and the arms of Cher were put straight ...
List Of Gakuen Alice Characters - Students of Middle School Division - Kaname Sonō
... Despite this, he still makes dolls, for it is his way of proving to himself that he can make people happy ... And the dolls he made serve as 'evidences of his existence' ... Kaname also seems to have a way with women, since in chapter 28, the girls who adopted his dolls came to help him fix up Mr ...
Living Dead Dolls - Other Official Merchandise - Lunch Tins (2002)
... At least three Living Dead Dolls lunchboxes were made in the following designs Series One lunchbox which used the photograph from the original trade advertisement for Series 1 ...

Famous quotes containing the word dolls:

    Our home has been nothing but a play-room. I’ve been your doll-wife here, just as at home I was Papa’s doll-child. And the children have been my dolls in their turn. I liked it when you came and played with me, just as they liked it when I came and played with them. That’s what our marriage has been, Torvald.
    Henrik Ibsen (1828–1906)

    Why are all these dolls falling out of the sky?
    Was there a father?
    Or have the planets cut holes in their nets
    and let our childhood out,
    or are we the dolls themselves,
    born but never fed?
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)

    Cinderella and the prince
    lived, they say, happily ever after,
    like two dolls in a museum case
    never bothered by diapers or dust,
    never arguing over the timing of an egg,
    never telling the same story twice....
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)