What are displaced students?

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Tulane University School Of Public Health And Tropical Medicine - The Worst Civil Engineering Disaster in US History
... Oklahoma College of Public Health assigned a “buddy” to each guest student, who helped the student with the logistics involved in attending a new school, such as enrollment, navigating the campus, library use, etc ... Science Center School of Public Health held a drive to collect needed supplies for their guest students ... at Berkeley School of Public Health, provided funding for students’ emergency needs ...

Famous quotes containing the words students and/or displaced:

    President Lowell of Harvard appealed to students ‘to prepare themselves for such services as the Governor may call upon them to render.’ Dean Greenough organized an ‘emergency committee,’ and Coach Fisher was reported by the press as having declared, ‘To hell with football if men are needed.’
    —For the State of Massachusetts, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)

    According to our social pyramid, all men who feel displaced racially, culturally, and/or because of economic hardships will turn on those whom they feel they can order and humiliate, usually women, children, and animals—just as they have been ordered and humiliated by those privileged few who are in power. However, this definition does not explain why there are privileged men who behave this way toward women.
    Ana Castillo (b. 1953)