What are Burroughs?

  • (noun): United States novelist and author of the Tarzan stories (1875-1950).
    Synonyms: Edgar Rice Burroughs
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More definitions of "Burroughs":

  • (noun): United States inventor who patented the first practical adding machine (1855-1898).
    Synonyms: William Seward Burroughs

Famous quotes containing the word burroughs:

    In my writing I am acting as a map maker, an explorer of psychic areas ... a cosmonaut of inner space, and I see no point in exploring areas that have already been thoroughly surveyed.
    —William Burroughs (b. 1914)

    England has the most sordid literary scene I’ve ever seen. They all meet in the same pub. This guy’s writing a foreword for this person. They all have to give radio programs, they have to do all this just in order to scrape by. They’re all scratching each other’s backs.
    —William Burroughs (b. 1914)

    Me Tarzan, you Jane.
    —Edgar Rice Burroughs (1875–1950)