What are army air corps?

Army Air Corps

Army Air Corps may refer to the following army aviation corps:

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Fokker F.VII - Variants
... and 10 passengers three built in 1926 for the US Army Air Corps ... C-2A Military transport version for the US Army Air Corps, with greater wingspan, powered by three 220 hp (164 kW) Wright J-5 radial piston engines ... C-7 Military transport conversion of C-2A for the US Army Air Corps by re-engining with 300 hp (220 kW) Wright R-975 engines ...
Tactical Recognition Flash - Army - Army Air Corps
1st Regiment, Army Air Corps 2nd Regiment, Army Air Corps 3rd Regiment, Army Air Corps 4th Regiment, Army Air Corps 5th Regiment, Army Air Corps No data No data No data 6th Regiment, Army Air Corps 7th Regiment ...
Bob Westfall - Biography - Service in World War II
... Pearl Harbor was bombed on December 7, 1941, he enlisted in the Army Air Corps ... Westfall told reporters that after graduating in June, he might play for the Lions if the Army would not take him ... In the summer of 1942, the Army did take Westfall despite his 4-F rating ...
Army Air Corps
... Army Air Corps may refer to the following army aviation corps Army Air Corps (United Kingdom), the army aviation element of the British Army Philippine Army Air Corps (1935–1941) United States Army Air ...
List Of Active United Kingdom Military Aircraft - Army Air Corps
... See also Army Air Corps (United Kingdom) Aircraft Photo Origin Role Version Quantity Note Fixed-wing aircraft Britten-Norman Islander United Kingdom ...

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