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Sangharakshita - Return To The West
... to help with a dispute at the Hampstead Buddhist Vihara in north London, where he proved to be a popular teacher ... and in April 1967 founded the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order ... The Western Buddhist Order was founded a year later, when he ordained the first dozen men and women ...
Timeline Of Buddhism - Timeline of Events - CE
... of Buddhism is the first documented case of Buddhist practices in China. 78 Ban Chao, a Chinese General, subdues the Buddhist Kingdom of Khotan. 78–101 According to Mahayana tradition, the Fourth Buddhist council takes place under Kushana king Kanishka's reign, near Jalandar, India ...
Friends Of The Western Buddhist Order
... History Timeline Gautama Buddha Councils Later Buddhists Dharma Concepts Four Noble Truths Five Aggregates Impermanence Suffering Non-self Dependent Origination Middle Way Emptiness Karma Rebirth Saṃsāra ... "an international network dedicated to communicating Buddhist truths in ways appropriate to the modern world" ... In keeping with Buddhist traditions, it also pays attention to contemporary ideas, particularly drawn from Western philosophy, psychotherapy, and art ...

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    Christianity as an organized religion has not always had a harmonious relationship with the family. Unlike Judaism, it kept almost no rituals that took place in private homes. The esteem that monasticism and priestly celibacy enjoyed implied a denigration of marriage and parenthood.
    Beatrice Gottlieb, U.S. historian. The Family in the Western World from the Black Death to the Industrial Age, ch. 12, Oxford University Press (1993)