West African

  • (adj): Of or relating to the countries or cultures or people of West Africa.
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List Of Musical Instruments By Hornbostel-Sachs Number: 321.33 - West African Griot Lutes
... Tanged lutes are common in West Africa, as are a closely related class of instrument called spike lutes ... A hereditary class of West African musicians, griots, play tanged lutes, and no other form of stringed instrument non-griot performers in West Africa play a mixture of both ... The term griot lute thus typically refers to these tanged lutes of West Africa ...
List Of Kingdoms In Pre-colonial Africa - List of African Kingdoms - Empires of Transition Age Africa - West Africa
... Further information History of West Africa The Kingdom of Nri (1043 - 1911) was the West African medieval state of the Nri-Igbo, a subgroup of the Igbo people, and is the oldest kingdom in Nigeria ... The Oyo Empire (1400 - 1895) was a West African empire of what is today western Nigeria ... century and grew to become one of the largest West African states encountered by colonial explorers ...
List Of Diplomatic Missions Of Niger
... with France and enjoys close relations with its West African neighbours ... It is a charter member of the Organization of African Unity and the West African Monetary Union and also belongs to the Niger River Commission and ...
James A. A. Pierre - Legacy and Achievements
... In 1971, he hosted a judicial conference of West African Anglophone Chief Justices in Monrovia ... recommendations of the conference was the establishment of an Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) West African Court of Justice to adjudicate regional disputes and this has now ...
LGBT Themes In Mythology - African Mythologies - West African, Yoruba and Dahomean (Vodun)
... See also LGBT themes in African diasporic mythologies The celestial creator deity of Dahomey mythology is Mawu-Lisa, formed by a merger of the twin brother and sister gods Lisa ... by spirits is an integral part of Yaruba and other African spiritual traditions ...

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  • (noun): A group of languages spoken in the extreme western part of West Africa.

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