Wee Meng Chee

Namewee (Chinese: 黄明志; pinyin: Huáng Míng Zhì) or Wee Meng Chee; (born May 6, 1983 in Muar, Johor) is a Malaysian Chinese of Hainanese descent. He is widely known as Namewee, a bilingual pun on his Mandarin name (Chinese: 明志; pinyin: Míng Zhì), which sounds like the Mandarin term for name (Chinese: 名字; pinyin: míngzi).

Wee gained popularity after releasing a controversial song fused with the national anthem of Malaysia, Negaraku, which describes what he thinks of the state of the country and its government. The lyrics of the 'remake' shocked the society. In the following weeks, the song increasingly drew both praise and criticism from various quarters of Malaysian society thus been entitled "Muka Ubi Kentang" by the locals.

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