Some articles on wears:

Saint Alberts High School - Houses
... St Alberts has four competing students' houses Silveira, which wears yellow Miguel, which wears red St Augustine, which wears green and St Martins, which wears white ...
Sheeep - Characters
... Wears a black and red striped neck tie and sunglasses ... Wears a green bow tie and sunglasses ... Wears a blue bandana ...
Catsuits And Bodysuits In Popular Media - Video and Computer Games
... or similar full-body garments include Dead or Alive—British assassin Christie wears a black and white catsuit as her primary outfit in DOA 3, and as her second costume option in DOA 4 ... Death By Degrees—assassin and action heroine Nina Williams wears a purple leather catsuit and a black and white leather catsuit during gameplay ... Soul Calibur series—female ninja Taki wears a red catsuit with body armor ...
Small Saves
... Small Saves always wears his game jersey and his goaltending helmet, even when sleeping ... When not in a game, though, he wears his helmet tipped back on his head ... He wears #1, the traditional goalie jersey number ...
... The priest wears the epitrachil whenever serving as a priest (as opposed to simply attending a service) ... vespers or matins, he wears the epitrachil by itself ... When he is fully vested for the Divine Liturgy, he wears the epitrachil over the sticharion and under the zone and the phelonion ...

Famous quotes containing the word wears:

    Hard on the land wears the strong sea
    and empty grows every bed.
    John Berryman (1914–1972)

    ... where there is one slave there are always two—he who wears the chain and he who rivets it.
    Jeanne De Hericourt (1809–1875)

    He was last seen flying to New York.
    He was handing out cards which read:
    “He wears a question in his left eye.
    He dislikes the police but will associate with them.
    He will demand something not on the menu.
    He is invisible to the eyes of beauty and culture....”
    John Ashbery (b. 1927)