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Deferent And Epicycle
... geometric model used to explain the variations in speed and direction of the apparent motion of the Moon, Sun, and planets ... In particular it explained the retrograde motion of the five planets known at the time ... Epicyclical motion is used in the Antikythera Mechanism, an ancient Greek astronomical device for computing the phase and position of the Moon using four gears, two of them engaged ...
Wave Motion Gun (song)
... "Wave Motion Gun" is a song by Marcy Playground, originally released on their 1999 album Shapeshifter ... to a science fiction concept of an extremely powerful weapon (the wave motion gun of Star Blazers anime fame) which, after being fired, requires considerable time to recharge while leaving its user powerless and ... In the song, it is as though the "wave motion gun" from Star Blazers is being compared to a syringe of heroin ...
The Angry Sun - Season 2 - Episodes
... The ship starts its Wave Motion Engine and breaks free of the missiles ... again, but -- thanks to Sandor -- the Argo is able to use its Wave Motion Gun to defeat the fleet ... Royster suggests to Sandor that firing the wave motion gun will generate a recoil that pushes the Argo out ...
The Angry Sun - Season 1 - Episodes
... The message also contains plans for an advanced-technology Wave Motion Engine -- capable of faster-than-light travel ... free of the Earth's surface, Wildstar aims the ship's main guns at the carrier ... Avatar fires the guns, destroying the carrier ...
John Toland - Contributions To Natural Philosophy
... Baron d'Holbach's ideas about physical motion ... In his Letters to Serena, Toland claimed that rest, or absence of motion, is not merely relative ... Actually, for Toland, rest is a special case of motion ...

Famous quotes containing the words gun, wave and/or motion:

    There is a lot of talk now about metal detectors and gun control. Both are good things. But they are no more a solution than forks and spoons are a solution to world hunger.
    Anna Quindlen (b. 1953)

    Now I stand as one upon a rock,
    Environed with a wilderness of sea,
    Who marks the waxing tide grow wave by wave,
    Expecting ever when some envious surge
    Will in his brinish bowels swallow him.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    On board ship there are many sources of joy of which the land knows nothing. You may flirt and dance at sixty; and if you are awkward in the turn of a valse, you may put it down to the motion of the ship. You need wear no gloves, and may drink your soda-and-brandy without being ashamed of it.
    Anthony Trollope (1815–1882)