Wadi International University

Wadi International University (Arabic: جامعة الوادي الدولية الخاصة‎), commonly referred to as the German Syrian University, is a private, internationally oriented university, located in Wadi al-Nadara in Syria. WIU is widely considered one of the most prestigious and selective private universities in Syria.

The university was founded by German Syrian immigrants living in Germany with strong connections to German higher education institutions. The university was initially named as WGSU, Wadi German Syrian University, but was later changed to WIU, Wadi International University. WIU made strong agreements with multiple German universities such as Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg, University of Oldenburg and Brandenburg University of Technology, to support its faculties and to distinguish itself from other private universities in Syria. WIU is the only university in Syria that teaches its programs in English.

The university offers ten bachelor degrees, and is organized into three faculties. WIU has a student body of approximately 2500 undergraduate students.

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