Von Meyer

Von Meyer is a German surname. Notable people sharing this surname include:

  • von Meyer, Christian Erich Hermann (1801–1869), German palaeontologist, see m:de:Hermann von Meyer
  • von Meyer, Gustav Ritter (1834-1909), Bavarian politician, see m:de:Gustav Ritter von Meyer
  • von Meyer, Carl Anton (1795-1855), Russian botanist and explorer

Other articles related to "von meyer":

Archeopterix - History of Discovery - Taxonomy
... lithographica only referred to the single feather described by von Meyer ... for the first skeleton specimens, which mainly resulted from the acrimonious dispute between von Meyer and his opponent Johann Andreas Wagner (whose Griphosaurus problematicus — "problematic riddle-lizard ... of the Haarlem specimen, crassipes, described by von Meyer as a pterosaur before its true nature was realized, was also suppressed ...
Streptospondylus - Discovery and Naming
... In 1832 however, the German paleontologist Christian Erich Hermann von Meyer split the material ... Von Meyer's name was the first binomial name (also) referring to a theropod ... In 1842 Richard Owen pointed out that von Meyer had been incorrect in changing the original specific name and created the correct combination Streptospondylus rostromajor for ...

Famous quotes containing the words meyer and/or von:

    ... most reform movements in our country have been cursed by a lunatic fringe and have mingled sound ideas for social progress with utopian nonsense.
    —Agnes E. Meyer (1887–1970)

    If the artist is not also a craftsman, the artist is nothing, but calamity: most of our artists are nothing but craftsmen.
    —Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (1749–1832)