Von Meyer

Von Meyer is a German surname. Notable people sharing this surname include:

  • von Meyer, Christian Erich Hermann (1801–1869), German palaeontologist, see m:de:Hermann von Meyer
  • von Meyer, Gustav Ritter (1834-1909), Bavarian politician, see m:de:Gustav Ritter von Meyer
  • von Meyer, Carl Anton (1795-1855), Russian botanist and explorer

Other articles related to "von meyer":

Streptospondylus - Discovery and Naming
... paleontologist Christian Erich Hermann von Meyer split the material ... Von Meyer's name was the first binomial name (also) referring to a theropod ... In 1842 Richard Owen pointed out that von Meyer had been incorrect in changing the original specific name and created the correct combination ...
Archeopterix - History of Discovery - Taxonomy
... referred to the single feather described by von Meyer ... resulted from the acrimonious dispute between von Meyer and his opponent Johann Andreas Wagner (whose Griphosaurus problematicus — "problematic riddle-lizard ... specific name of the Haarlem specimen, crassipes, described by von Meyer as a pterosaur before its true nature was realized, was also suppressed ...

Famous quotes containing the words meyer and/or von:

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