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FATX - Technical Design - Directory Table - VFAT Long File Names
... The additional entries are marked with the Volume Label, System, Hidden, and Read Only attributes (yielding 0x0F), which is a combination that is not expected ... Notably, a directory containing only volume labels is considered as empty and is allowed to be deleted such a situation appears if files created with ... This method is very similar to the DELWATCH method to utilize the volume attribute to hide pending delete files for possible future undeletion since DR DOS 6.0 (1991) and ...
File Allocation Table - Technical Design - Directory Table - Directory Entry
... in third-party FAT implementations (at least on FAT12 and FAT16 volumes). 3 0x08 Volume Label ... (Since DOS 2.0) Indicates an optional directory volume label, normally only residing in a volume's root directory ...
Volume (computing) - Volume Label
... A volume label is the name given to a specific volume in a filesystem ... In the FAT filesystem, the volume label was traditionally restricted to 11 characters (reflecting the 8.3 restrictions, but not divided into name and ... In the NTFS file system, the length of its volume label is restricted to 32 characters ...

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