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Students Of Georgetown, Inc. - Current Businesses - The Food Co-op, or Vital Vittles (est. 1972, 1974)
... The descendant of the Corp's oldest original business, the Food Co-op, Vital Vittles is the Corp's oldest and largest original business, employing over fifty ... The Food Co-op, now operating under the name Vital Vittles, later moved back to the basement of Georgetown University's Healy Hall, then to the basement of the university's ... the space of both stores was combined into one, allowing for the expansion of Vital Vittles into a large grocery store ...
Students Of Georgetown, Inc. - Past Businesses
... the Saxa Sundries drug store, was annexed by its sister business, the Vital Vittles grocery store, which continues to operate today. 1972–1974 The Food Co-op was the first business operated by the Corp and later became Vital Vittles ... Record Co-op (or Audio Vittles) 1973–1975 One of the original businesses started by the Corp (and, during the Spring of 1973, its largest), the Record Co-op sold vinyl records out of the basement of ...

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