Violence Des Pacifiques

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Frère Roger - Publications
... a la Vie Communautaire 1953, La Regle de Taize * 1958, Vivre l’Aujourd’hui de Dieu / Living Today for God 1962, L'unité, espérance de vie / Unity, life's hope 1965, Dynamique du provisoire / The Power of ... ISBN 0-8245-0474-7 Amour de tout amour les sources de Taizé ... Essential Writings (Modern Spiritual Masters Series) (2006) ISBN 1-57075-639-2 Dynamik des Vorläufigen ...

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    We New Yorkers see more death and violence than most soldiers do, grow a thick chitin on our backs, grimace like a rat and learn to do a disappearing act. Long ago we outgrew the need to be blowhards about our masculinity; we leave that to the Alaskans and Texans, who have more time for it.
    Edward Hoagland (b. 1932)

    When I was growing up I used to think that the best thing about coming from Des Moines was that it meant you didn’t come from anywhere else in Iowa. By Iowa standards, Des Moines is a mecca of cosmopolitanism, a dynamic hub of wealth and education, where people wear three-piece suits and dark socks, often simultaneously.
    Bill Bryson (b. 1951)