Vietnam National Football Team

The Vietnam national football team (Vietnamese: Đội tuyển bóng đá quốc gia Việt Nam) is the national football team representing Vietnam in international football competition and is managed by the Vietnam Football Federation.

In the FIFA World Rankings, Vietnam's highest standing was in the first release of the figures, in September 1998, at 84th. The team is currently ranked 138th in the World, 19th in Asia and 1st in South East Asia by FIFA (November 2012).

By late 1950s, known by the name South Vietnam national football team became one of the four strongest teams in Asia, as they advanced into the final round of 1956 AFC Asian Cup, 1960 AFC Asian Cup, finishing 4th both times. The team also won 10th Merdeka Tournament in Malaysia, 1966.

Vietnam is one of the most successful teams in South East Asia along with Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. Winning the ASEAN Football Championship 2008 and other small competitions and still improving today.

While Vietnam was split into North and South Vietnam, two national teams existed and both were controlled by similar Vietnam Football Associations. After the two countries unified in 1976 the Vietnam Football Associations was renamed to Vietnam Football Federation.

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Vietnam National Football Team - Current Titles
... Preceded by 2007 Singapore ASEAN Football Championship 2008 (First title) Succeeded by 2010 Malaysia ...

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