Viet Tai Chi

Viet Tai Chi developed from the more ancient Chinese Tai Chi Chuan. Viet Tai Chi is an, at the same time ancient and young. It is an ancient art because for thousand and thousand years, Vietnamese people use to practice it to cultivate their own physical and psychological well-being.

It is also young because it has been studied and worked out just during the last 20 years only. It became a consistent structure, taking in traditional knowledge and techniques which, until that, used to belong to just a few chosen and initiated people, and never allowed to spread outside their own original country.

But Viet Tai Chi is mostly a . It allows us to know a way of life acting totally in harmony with the universe and our-selves as well. Viet Tai Chi techniques are simple actually, and are founded upon sweet, elegant and easy movements but, first of all, upon the practice of breathing, which immediately enables us feel the great benefits.

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