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British Big Cats - Evidence For Their Existence - Video and Photographic Evidence
... In 1994 footage of a large black cat was recorded in Cambridgeshire and was named in the media as the "Fen Tiger" ... Footage of the cat was broadcast by the BBC on 24 May 2007 ... In July 2009, photographs and video footage of a large black cat were taken by an off-duty Ministry of Defence Police officer ...
Shockwave (TV Series)
... The program compiles video footage and eyewitness accounts to the headline making events and attempts to educate the viewer as to what really happened in a particular event ... which the show employs to perform this task include (but are not limited to) the following items Video footage Photographs 3-D renderings (computer-generated imagery) of the event ... who witnessed the event or who were involved in the event are interviewed, video footage and photos of the event are shown, and 3-D renderings of the event are shown ...
Spirit Of The Abyss - Characters Relating To The Abyss
... in the known worlds Killed by the Abyss for failing to destroy video footage of itself which is discovered by the Andromeda ... She tries to get the abyss video footage from Harper but promising to remove his Magog larvae in return for it as she can move through matter ... to kill Dylan Hunt when Satrina fails to get the Abyss video footage from Harper ...

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    We attempt to remember our collective American childhood, the way it was, but what we often remember is a combination of real past, pieces reshaped by bitterness and love, and, of course, the video past—the portrayals of family life on such television programs as “Leave it to Beaver” and “Father Knows Best” and all the rest.
    Richard Louv (20th century)