Victor Valley Transit Authority - Fleet


The VVTA operates 99 active and spare buses in its system as of June 2012.

Fleet #'s Builder Model Serial #'s Year Fuel Type Notes
136-138 Ford E450 ElDorado National Aerotech 220 Mixed 2004 Gas Direct Access
140-146 Ford E450 ElDorado National Aerotech 220 Mixed 2004 Gas Direct Access
148-150 Ford E450 ElDorado National Aerotech 220 Mixed 2004 Gas Direct Access
151-152 Ford E450 ElDorado National Aerotech 220 Mixed 2007 Gas Direct Access
153-160 Ford E450 ElDorado National Aerotech 220 Mixed 2010 Gas Direct Access
161-166 Chevy Arboc Spirit of Mobility Mixed 2011 CNG Direct Access
167-175 Ford E450 Starcraft Mixed 2010 Gas Direct Access. Ex AVTA.
603-609 NABI 040.40 8A140320-326 2008 CNG
610-615 NABI 040.40 AA140427-432 2010 CNG
1003-1010 Dodge Caravan Mixed 2010 Gas Direct Acces
2001-2004 Chevy 5500 ElDorado National Aerotech Elite Mixed 2008 Gas
2005-2008 Chevy 5500 ElDorado National Aerotech Elite Mixed 2009 Gas
2009-2011 Ford F500 Glaval Entourage 33' Mixed 2011 CNG Used on BV Link service.
2012-2014 Ford F500 Glaval Entourage 33' Mixed 2011 CNG Used on Fort Irwin service.
0005, 0022, 0025, 0029, 0034 NFI C40LF YU020640, 657, 660, 664, 669 2000 CNG Ex Omnitrans (CA), same numbers. Used for Fort Irwin service.
8025, 8028, 8031 NFI C40LF 1P022748, 751, 754 2001 CNG From Phoenix Airport (AZ). Veolia owned buses.. Used for Fort Irwin service.

We will delivered to bring fifty-five (55) new NABI C-40 Compobus Compsite Transit CNG Buses is coming to Victor Valley Transit Authority in Mid-Fall 2013 to the new paint job to the 3300 series to the new odyssey fareboxes, Natural CNG Gas and Clean Air Bus to the fixed route bus system and also to the new Transit Bus Book is coming to January 2014 and also is removed from Old NABI 40LFW from the service to Citizens Area Transit in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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