Vice President of Costa Rica

Vice President Of Costa Rica

The 1949 Constitution of Costa Rica established two Vice-Presidencies of Costa Rica, which are directly elected through a popular vote on a ticket with the President for a period of four years, with no immediate re-election. There has been various incarnations of the office. Vice Presidents replace the President in cases of temporary or permanent absence.

Throughout the history of independent Costa Rica, there have been different systems to cover the temporary or permanent absence of a President. Several different names have been used for this position:

  • From 1821 to 1824, the Governing Committee (Junta) selected a Vice-President.
  • From 1824 to 1841 there was a Vice-Head-of-State who was popularly elected.
  • From 1841 to 1842 there was a Second-Head-of-State, elected for life by popular vote.
  • From 1842 to 1844 there was a Vice-Head-of-State selected by the Constitutional Assembly.
  • From 1846 to 1847 there was a popularly-elected Vice-Head-of-State.
  • From 1847 to 1848 there was a Vice-President of the State, elected by popular vote.
  • From 1848 to 1859 there was a Vice-President of the Republic, selected through popular election.
  • From 1859 to 1949 there was a system of Designates to the Presidency, usually selected by the Legislature.
  • Since 1949 there have been two popularly elected Vice Presidents.

The following tables contain a list of the officials elected to the Vice-Presidential position since 1821.

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