Vertical Sync

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Extended Display Identification Data - EDID 1.3 Data Format
... If clear, the following bit definitions apply Bits 6–5 Video white and sync levels, relative to blank 00=+0.7/−0.3 V 01=+0.714/−0.286 V 10=+1.0/−0.4 V 11=+0.7/0 V Bit 4 Blank-to-black setup (pedestal ... (max 292 cm/115 in at 169 aspect ratio) 22 Maximum vertical image size, in centimetres ... (Versions prior to 1.3 defined 00 as 11.) Byte 1 bits 5–0 Vertical frequency, less 60 (60–123 Hz) 54–71 Descriptor 1 Descriptor blocks ...
Video Graphics Array - Technical Details - Signal Timings
... at least use exactly the same horizontal and vertical sync timings as one of the standard modes, can be expected to work with the original late-1980s and early-1990s VGA monitors. 31.4686 kHz Horizontal pixels 640 Horizontal sync polarity Negative Total time for each line 31.77 µs Front porch (A) 0.94 µs Sync pulse length (B) 3.7 ...

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