Venetian may refer to:

  • Venetian language, a language spoken in Veneto, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Mexico, Istria and Brazil.
  • Venetian cuisine
  • Venetian wine
  • Historical inhabitants of the Republic of Venice
  • Adriatic Veneti, inhabitants of the Veneto region, which was part of the Republic of Venice and now part of Italy
  • Anyone or anything from Venice
  • Venetians in Movement, a separatist political movement
  • Venetian Gothic architecture, originated in the 14th century
  • Venetian Slovenia, region in northeastern Italy
  • Venetian Albania, 15th–18th century possessions of Venice in Dalmatia

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Medieval Dalmatian Principalities - Pagania
... named after river Neretva) expressed their buccaneering capabilities by pirateering the Venetian-controlled Adriatic between 827 and 828, while the Venetian fleet was off-broad ... As soon as the Fleet of the Venetian Republic returned, the Neretvians fell back ... In 834 and 835, they have caught and killed several Venetian traders returning from Benevent ...
San Nicolò Al Lido - History
... stood at a strategic point for the nascent Venetian power at the main access to the sea ... From here, in 996 and 998 sailed off the first Venetian expeditions against the Narentine pirates ... In 1099, always from this port, departed to east the Venetian participation to the First Crusade, led by Bishop of Olivolo and Giovanni, son of the doge Vitale Michiel I ...
Lorenzo Marcello
1603 – Dardanelles, 26 June 1656) was a Venetian admiral ... participated in the new Turkish-Venetian War ... From this position he led the combined Venetian-Maltese fleet in battle in the Dardanelles in June 1656 ...
Venetian - Other Uses
... Venetian window blind Venetian ceruse, 16th century white lead based cosmetic, also known as "Windows of Saturn" Venetian red, an artist's pigment Venetian style shoe, a type of slipper resembling the ...
Cretan War (1645–1669) - Aftermath
... of Candia ended the four and a half centuries of Venetian rule in Crete, and brought the Ottoman Empire to its temporary territorial zenith ... Fifteen years later, he would lead the Venetian forces in the Morean War, where the Republic attempted, for the last time, to reverse its losses and reestablish itself as ... During that war, in 1692, a Venetian fleet attempted to retake Candia, but failed ...

Famous quotes containing the word venetian:

    I was happy there,
    part Venetian vase,
    part Swiss watch, part Indian head.
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)