Vaz also may refer to:

  • Vaz (surname), people named Vaz
  • VAZ Plus, a Virtual Studio Technology and DirectX plugin that simulates a subtractive synthesizer
  • VAZ 2010, a Virtual Studio Technology and DirectX host and plugin that simulates 16 synthesizers, effects and a mixer
  • VAZ Modular, a Virtual Studio Technology and DirectX host and plugin that emulates 16 modular synthesizers, effects and a mixer
  • VAZ (band), an American noise rock band
  • AutoVAZ, a Russian automobile manufacturer

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Carlos Vaz Ferreira - Life
... Vaz was born in Montevideo ... His younger sister was the poet María Eugenia Vaz Ferreira ... In 1905 Vaz published "Ideas y Observaciones" ("Ideas and Observations"), a collection of both new and previously published works ...
Gail Vaz-Oxlade
... Gail Vaz-Oxlade (born June 18, 1959 in Jamaica) is a Canadian financial writer and television personality who lives in Brighton, Ontario, Canada ... Vaz-Oxlade hosts the Canadian television series Til Debt Do Us Part and Princess ... Vaz-Oxlade is also a regular columnist for Yahoo! Canada Finance ...
Carlos Vaz Ferreira - Philosophy - Reality, Science, and Philosophy
... Vaz understood reality as something beyond us, but which we may contact in diverse ways ... and the intellectual tools used to simplify and reduce it into manageable terms led Vaz to identify an incompatibility between language and thought when expressing reality ... Systematization, according to Vaz, is a natural and often fruitful tendency of the human spirit ...
Lada Nadezhda - Modifications
... Series VAZ-2120 1.8, with carburetor engine VAZ-2130 (1.8 liter, 80 hp), VAZ-2120 1.7i, VAZ-21214 engine with fuel injection (1.7 liters, 84 hp), VAZ-2120M (L ...
Lada Priora - Body Styles
... VAZ-2170 base sedan (is produced since March 2007) VAZ-2171 Universal station wagon (is produced since May 2009) VAZ-2172 5-door hatchback (is ...