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Black-figure Pottery - Developments - Attica - The Last Quarter of The 6th Century BC
... Until the end of the century the quality of black-figure vase production could basically be maintained ... red-figure style around 530 BC, presumably by the Andokides Painter, more and more painters went over to the red-figure style, which provided many more possibilities for ... a few innovative craftsmen could still give new impulses to the production of black-figure vases ...
Foundry Painter
... The Foundry Painter (German Erzgießerei-Maler) was an ancient Greek Attic red-figure vase painter of the Late Archaic period ... Together with a number of other notable vase painters, such as the Briseis Painter or the Dokimasia Painter, the Foundry Painter was active in the workshop of one of the most important Late Archaic red-fig ... and subject range are very similar to those of the Brygos Painter, who seems to have had a strong influence on all his collaborators in those regards ...
Euphronios - General Considerations - The Discovery of Greek Vase Painters
... literature sources refer specifically to vase painters ... life and artistic development—like that of all Greek vase painters—can only be derived from his works ... of the first signature of Euphronios in 1838 revealed that individual painters could be identified and named, so that their works might be ascribed to them ...

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    “Were not all her life but storm,
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    Forgotten and stinking they stick in the can.
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