Van Helsdingen

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Jacob Van Helsdingen - World War II - Lembang
... Van Helsdingen was killed on his 35th birthday by an A6M Zero while providing air support to Royal Dutch East Indies Army forces fighting in Lembang with three other ... over his Buffalo aircraft (B-396) to him because he was married, despite the fact that van Helsdingen was himself married ... Van Helsdingen shot down a Zero before he too was hit, but Bruggink managed to escape into the clouds before returning to Andir airfield ...

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    To call a posit a posit is not to patronize it. A posit can be unavoidable except at the cost of other no less artificial expedients. Everything to which we concede existence is a posit from the standpoint of a description of the theory-building process, and simultaneously real from the standpoint of the theory that is being built.
    —Willard Van Orman Quine (b. 1908)