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Valiant's first logo appeared on its licensed products, Nintendo and Wrestling comics, before appearing on its superhero line. The logo made its first appearance on a superhero comic in May 1991, on Magnus Robot Fighter #1 (but without a comic box). The logo first appeared in a comic box on in May 1991, on Solar #5 and Magnus #8.

Valiant updated its logo, changing the typeface from a fancy script to a thick bold script, in November 1992, this change occurred only two months after the end of the successful Unity crossover and following the departure of Jim Shooter.

Immediately after the Chaos Effect crossover the logo was updated again: the type face was kept but the wording was changed to "Valiant Presents". The compass logo was diminished in size and moved from below the text.

After the sale to Acclaim Entertainment Inc. for $65 million, the logo was completely revamped. The compass logo was replaced by a large letter "V" that appeared above the wording "Valiant", which appeared in a new type face (the same went with both the Armada and Windjammer imprints).

To coincide with the Acclaim Comics relaunch in 1996, another completely revamped logo was created. This logo signified the synergy between Acclaim and Valiant, merging the letters "A" and "V" into one logo with the wording "Acclaim Comics Valiant Heroes".

More recently, following the formation of Valiant Entertainment, the compass logo has reappeared along with a variation of the original type face. The only major change is the addition of the wording "Entertainment".

On August 15, 2007 Valiant Entertainment hired corporate identity consultant Henry Steiner for a re-design of their logo which was used in all media. This logo made its debut on the Harbinger: The Beginning hardcover.

In 2012, Valiant Entertainment unveiled its new logo, created by Rian Hughes, which is currently used in all media.

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