The term vaka may refer to:

  • untitled #1, released as untitled #1 (a.k.a. "Vaka"), a single from the Sigur Rós album ( )
  • Vaka (sailing), the main hull of a multihull vessel such as a proa or trimaran
  • Váka, the Hungarian name for Crişan village, Ribiţa Commune, Hunedoara County, Romania
  • Vaka, solo project for Daniel Lidén
  • Joseph Wilson Vaka (born 1980), Tongan rugby union player

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4th century abhidharma work Abhidharmasamuccaya, Asaṅga describes those who follow the Śrāvaka Vehicle (Skt ... are described as having weak faculties, following the Śrāvaka Dharma, utilizing the Śrāvaka Piṭaka, being set on their own liberation, and cultivating detachment in order to attain ... pratyekabuddhayānika) are portrayed as also utilizing the Śrāvaka Piṭaka, they are said to have medium faculties, to follow the Pratyekabuddha Dharma ...