USS Pinon (AN-66) - World War II Service

World War II Service

After Atlantic coast shakedown and training, Pinon stood out of New York Harbor 24 June 1944 and steamed for Belfast, Northern Ireland, arriving 10 July. Pinon provided net-tending service in both Belfast and Plymouth, England, through the fall.

Departing Plymouth 6 November, she put in at Norfolk, Virginia 21 November through 10 December. She then underwent availability at Curtis Bay, Baltimore, Maryland, 11 December through 25 January 1945.

Pinon called at Hampton Roads, Virginia, 31 January and then cruised via Guantanamo Bay and the Panama Canal, reporting for duty to Commander, Pacific 13 February. After availability at San Diego, California, 19 March, she called at Pearl Harbor and thence tended nets at Eniwetok commencing 22 April, at Guam (27 April through 20 June), at Tinian/Saipan through the first week of July, and at Okinawa until 15 October.

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