U.S. Express - Rotunda and Spivey – The American Express

Rotunda and Spivey – The American Express

Only days after Barry Windham left the WWF, Mike Rotunda was linked up with Dan Spivey and they became the American Express. Some referred to them as the U.S. Express II since the patriotic gimmick of the original U.S. Express was recycled with Spivey taking Barry Windham's place.

After the conclusion of their feud with the Dream Team, Mike Rotunda briefly left the WWF. After his subsequent return, the team reunited, feuding with The Moondogs, The Hart Foundation and The Islanders whom the team faced in their last match together on February 9, 1987 After Mike Rotunda left the WWF, Dan Spivey was repackaged as "Golden Boy" Dan Spivey before he left the WWF as well.

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