Unstressed Vowels

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Wells Standard Lexical Sets For English - Unstressed Vowels
... Wells also describes three sets of words based on their word-final unstressed vowels ... Although not included in the standard 24 lexical sets, these "have indexical and diagnostic value in distinguishing accents" ...
Russian Phonetics - Vowels - Allophony - Unstressed Vowels
... Russian unstressed vowels have lower intensity and lower energy ... They are typically shorter than stressed vowels and tend to merge /o/ and /a/ generally have the same unstressed allophones (e.g ... /e/ and /i/ have the same unstressed allophones (e.g ...
Reforms Of Portuguese Orthography - Portuguese Orthography Vs. Brazilian Orthography - Problems With The Original Orthography
... In unstressed syllables, hiatuses were originally distinguished from diphthongs with a trema ... pairs that distinguish a hiatus from a falling diphthong in unstressed syllables ... For this reason, marking unstressed hiatuses came to be seen as unnecessary, and these tremas were eventually abolished ...

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    These equal syllables alone require,
    Though oft the ear the open vowels tire;
    Alexander Pope (1688–1744)