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Economics and Social Sciences

By Law 4412 of 24 March 1956 the University Organization Law of 21 October 1937 was modified, adding the Economics and Commerce Faculty to the existing faculties. The new faculty would award the degrees of Licentiate in Commercial Science and Doctor in Economics and Commercial Science.

At the same time, Law 4413 decreed that the four courses "of the second cycle of the Superior School of Accountant Technician, established by the decree 2383... were assigned to the Economics and Commerce Faculty of the Santo Domingo University from 12 October 1956, under the name of Commercial Science Department".

The Law 4439 dated 4 May 1956 changed the name of the "Economics and Commerce Faculty" to the "Economics, Finance and Commerce Faculty". This same law authorized to the graduates of the Superior School of Accountant Technician, with the title of Accountant Technician "provides them with licence to practice the profession of Authorized Public Accountant and carry the title in Commercial Science and allows them to opt for the Doctorate in Commercial Science by the presentation of a thesis, following the regulation dictated by the University Council".

In 1950, Law 5130 changed the "Economics, Finance and Commerce Faculty" to the "Economic Science Faculty" and included the Public Administration School. The Organic statute approved by the University Cloister in 1966, gave the faculty with its current name of the "Economics and Social Sciences Faculty".

Currently, the Economics and Social Sciences Faculty is formed of the Economics, Accountantcy, Statistics, Sociology, Marketing and Administration schools.

The authorities for the period 2008–2011 are:

  • Dean: Prof. Juan Antonio Cerda Luna
  • Deputy Dean: Prof. Ramón Desangles
  • Director of Economics School: Prof. Melvin Pérez Sarraf
  • Director of Administration School: Prof. Alixis Martínez
  • Director of Marketing School: Prof. José Antonio Burgos
  • Director of Accountant School: Prof. Norberto Hernández
  • Director of Statistic School: Prof. Francisco Roa Familia
  • Director of Sociology School: Prof. Marisela Duval Pérez
  • Director of Postgraduate:

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