Union Hill School District

Union Hill School District is a school district near Grass Valley, California. It includes Union Hill Elementary School, approximately one mile outside Grass Valley's city limit, although a very small part of the district falls within the incorporated area of the City of Grass Valley. It is independent from Grass Valley School District, which lies within the city proper. It is approximately one mile South of Cedar Ridge.

Union Hill School is a California Distinguished School in 2000 and 2004. In addition to being a Kindergarten through Eighth Grade School (K-8), it also includes Bearcat Discovery Center, Preschool, and Union Hill Charter.

Susan Berry is the superintendent and principal of the district. Kimberly Butcher is the Director of Child Development Services.

The school mascot is the bearcat, but is represented with a cougar. The school colors are blue and gold. In 2007, the Eighth Grade Girls' Volleyball Team were the league champions. The school has three bands, three choirs, art programs, basketball, volleyball, and flag football teams. The district has an estimated 800 students.

The school was established in Union Hill, California, in 1868, as a one room school.

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