Unified British Tag Team Championship

The IPW:UK Tag Team Championship (also referred to as the Unified British Tag Team Championship due to its lineage) is a professional wrestling tag team championship owned and copyrighted by International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom and Real Quality Wrestling. The IPW:UK title was established in 2005 and the RQW title was established in 2007. The titles merged in 2008. On September 5th 2012 RQW announced that all their titles would be under the control of WAW becoming European open Championships.

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Unified British Tag Team Championship - IPW:UK Tag Team Title History
... Orpington, Kent 3rd Anniversary Weekender Unified with RQW Tag Team Titles to become British Tag Team Championship on May 06 ... !6 Ricky Hype, Mark Haskins and Joel Redman (The Thrillers) 01 !1 02008-09 ...

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