Undersea Kingdom - Production - Special Effects

Special Effects

  • John T. Coyle
  • The Lydecker brothers
  • Bud Thackery

These include the Volkites (The robotic army of the Black Robes), The Juggernaut (their tank), Vol Planes (Atlantean rocketships) and Professor Norton's Rocket Submarine, as well as sets and Unga Khan's tower.

This is the first appearance of the "Republic Robot" (as the "Volkites"). It would turn up again in Mysterious Doctor Satan (1940) and Zombies of the Stratosphere (1952). It is parodied in Star Trek: Voyager's The Adventures of Captain Proton.

Some of the model effects seen within the serial:

  • Professor Norton's Rocket Submarine

  • Unga Khan's Juggernaut tank

  • One of Unga Khan's Vol Planes

  • An aerial torpedo being fired from Unga Khan's tower

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