Under Secretary of Defense For Personnel and Readiness - Principal Deputy

Principal Deputy

The Principal Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness (PDASD(P&R)) is the Under Secretary's chief staff assistant. PDUSD(P&R) is delegated full power and authority to act for the USD(P&R) and exercise the powers of the USD(P&R) on any and all matters that the USD(P&R) is authorized to act, except in those areas where delegation of the USD(P&R) authority is otherwise restricted by higher authority or prohibited by law.

Established as the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Personnel and Readiness) by the National Defense Authorization Act for FY 2002 (P.L. 107-107), the post took over the duties of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Force Management Policy, which was then abolished. The DUSD(P&R) was re-designated Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Personnel and Readiness), or PDUSD(P&R) in July 2003 by DoD Directive 5124.8.. As of 2012, the position again holds the rank of Principal Deputy Under Secretary.

Principal Deputy Under Secretaries of Defense for Personnel and Readiness
Name Tenure USD(P&R) Served Under SecDef(s) Served Under President(s) Served Under
Principal Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness
Charles S. Abell November 14, 2002 - June 1, 2011 David S. C. Chu Donald H. Rumsfeld George W. Bush
Dr. Jo Ann Rooney June 2, 2011 - Clifford Stanley Leon Panetta Barack Obama

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