Unconscious Transference

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Modern Psychoanalysis - Theory
... patient's thoughts and feelings, stated or unstated, conscious or unconscious ... it retains the classical psychoanalytic focus on transference, countertransference, and resistance ... The transference is usually a narcissistic one in which feelings and patterns of defense from the first years of life are revived ...
Eyewitness Memory - Encoding - After The Event: - Unconscious Transference
... Many mistaken identifications are the result of unconscious transference, or the inability to distinguish between the perpetrator and another person who ... Unconscious transference occurs in this instance when the witness misattributes his or her sense of familiarity of the perpetrator to a bystander ...

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    A slight daily unconscious luxury is hardly ever wanting to the dwellers in civilisation; like the gentle air of a genial climate, it is a perpetual minute enjoyment.
    Walter Bagehot (1826–1877)