• (adv): Of one mind; without dissent.
    Example: "The Senate unanimously approved the bill"; "we voted unanimously"
    Synonyms: nem con, nemine contradicente

Some articles on unanimously:

Standard Works - Continuing Revelation - Adding To The Canon of Scripture
... April 6, 1830 - When the church was organized, the Bible and Book of Mormon were unanimously accepted as scripture ... August 17, 1835 - Select revelations from Joseph Smith were unanimously accepted as scripture ... October 10, 1880 - The Pearl of Great Price was unanimously accepted as scripture ...
Langley Speedway (British Columbia) - History
... In 2006, the GVRD Parks Committee voted unanimously to support heritage listing of the speedway ... The GVRD Board also voted unanimously to support the listing. 2006, the Council of the Township of Langley voted unanimously to include Langley Speedway on its Heritage Resource Listing ...
Second Buddhist Council - Theravadin Account
... so that all actions and decisions must be unanimously agreed upon through consensus ... Ananda that the community may (unanimously) relinquish the minor rules of the Vinaya but at the First Buddhist Council there was uncertainty about which rules he was referring to and it was unanimously decided to keep ...
Gainesville, Florida - Culture - Homelessness - Meal Limit
... In 2009, the City Plan Board unanimously recommended to the Gainesville City Commission the 130-meals-per-day limit be lifted and in March, 2011 the City Plan Board again voted unanimously to recommend ... The Gainesville City Commission unanimously voted to repeal the meal limit on August 18, 2011, proposing to replace it with a three hour serving window as a ...
List Of United Nations Security Council Resolutions Concerning Cyprus - Cyprus Related Resolutions
... Resolution Date Vote Concerns 23 ... August 1960 Adopted unanimously Sovereign, island nation Republic of Cyprus becomes a United Nations Member. 4 ... March 1964 Adopted unanimously Present situation in Cyprus likely to threaten international peace ... consent of the Republic of Cyprus, of a U.N peace keeping force 13 ... March 1964 Adopted unanimously Calls all member states to refrain from any action that would ...

Famous quotes containing the word unanimously:

    Under the dominion of an idea, which possesses the minds of multitudes, as civil freedom, or the religious sentiment, the power of persons are no longer subjects of calculation. A nation of men unanimously bent on freedom, or conquest, can easily confound the arithmetic of statists, and achieve extravagant actions, out of all proportion to their means; as, the Greeks, the Saracens, the Swiss, the Americans, and the French have done.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)